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 Laurel Margaret Johnson 

Actor • Mover • Creator


Laurel is the lion, the lamb, and the [insert any random animal here] all wrapped into one. This multifaceted, multi-talented, chameleon can transform into anyone -or anything- a production calls for. Though at first glance shy and unassuming, once they hit the stage or rehearsal room, this secret powerhouse is

a force to be reckoned with.

Do you need a performer who can:

-Play 30+ characters in 45 minutes, switching between multiple accents, and at times changing character every 3 seconds?
-Hold an audience captive while just standing there

and staring them down for 2 minutes?
-Gracefully and nimbly embody a nymph

or creepily crawl and twitch like a spider?
-Soulfully sing the blues or cackle maniacally like a super villain?

In all these scenarios, Laurel has been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt. This is just a tiny sampling of the weird and wonderful things they've gotten to do onstage, and they can't wait to add more to the list.


Laurel has experience performing in everything from classical Shakespeare to brand-new mad-cap comedies, to experimental films and dance-theater. Highly creative and desirous of uncharted territory, they are most at home creating raw, experimental work, and bold, avant-garde re-imaginings of the classics.

Laurel craves artistic challenges and novel experiences. They have immense depth of feeling and striking vulnerability and emotional accessibility. They are dedicated, responsive, and intuitive; a living canvas. Directors have described Laurel as an inspiring muse. Audiences have described them as a captivating performer among the best they've ever seen. Some have even claimed that Laurel is the best live performer they've ever seen, but that can't be true... can it?

Got a challenge not just any ol' performer can handle?

Bring it on.

Current and Upcoming Projects

Next up: SMITTEN, a Valentines themed sketch show at Philly Improv Theater in Center City. Laurel plays 9 wildly different off-the-wall characters. Performances are Feb 13, 14 & 15th. Laurel will also be writing and performing as part of Sink or Sketch, a sketch comedy competition, also at PHIT. Their team won last month and will be going head to head with a new team on March 5th.


Laurel is currently in rehearsal to play the iconic role of Emily in Our Town with The Drama Group in Germantown, Philadelphia. Performances are March 20- April 4.


They will be starring in the upcoming feature film, Mamamoon. Mamamoon is a part live-action, part stop-motion animation surreal fairy tale, expected to be released in 2020. Learn more about it here.

Laurel plays the leading role of Lee Mitchell in the audio drama podcast, Weeping Cedars, a supernatural thriller. Season 1 already has over 10,000 downloads, and is available whever you get your podcasts.

They are in the process of developing a couple of short solo comedy(ish) theater pieces, which they intend to expand into full length shows. Check out footage of when Laurel performed a portion of their piece about failure at the open mic event, You Can't Fail, by clicking here.

Current Projects
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